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  The Egyptian eye is abundant throughout Ancient Egyptian Art.  The dark outlined eye resembles the eye makeup they would have used.  While pharaohs and architecture have changed, the eye has remained all the same, as an icon throughout Egypt. Traces of malachite have been found in prehistoric palettes.  Malachite was the material  used to decorate the eyes of many for the centuries following.  


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  There are many different types of eye makeup; eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.  Eye shadow is a cosmetic available in many different colors to be applied to the eyelid for enhancement.  Eyeliner is used to emphasize the shape of the eye using a pencil or brush.  Mascara is used to darken and thicken the eyelashes.  Another type of makeup is eyebrow shadow.  


  For eye makeup to be applied, one must have the right tools.  First there is an eye shadow brush.  The eyeliner usually comes in the form of a pencil, and occasionally needs a sharpener.  Mascara comes with a brush.  Different brushes can make different shapes of  the eyelash. Other tools include eyebrow tweezers and sealers.  

How to apply eye makeup

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  1. First you must apply eyebrow shadow.  Make sure to use powdered eyebrow shadow instead of a pencil which can look unnatural.
  2. Choose 3 colors of eye shadow (light, medium, and dark)  Use the darker color for the upper part of the eye in a thin line.  Use the medium for the crease, and the light for just under the eyebrow.
  3. Now its time for the eye liner.  Line the lower lid, just below the lashes, and be sure to only go 2/3 of the way.  Line all across the upper lid, staying as close above the eyelashes as possible.
  4. Lastly you must apply the mascara.  Apply the mascara to upper and sometimes the lower eyelashes, if you want a darker look.  Only apply a light coat, so that there is no clumping.  If you have a light complexion, stick with browns. Otherwise, you can use black.  For fun, you can apply navy or plum, but do not put too much on.


  • To make eye shadow look fresh, put a small dab of neutral colored liquid, and cover it with powder eye shadow.  Make sure there's not a lot of liquid so there are no clumps.  If you wish to have a more liquid look, reverse the steps.
  • While some people only look good in some colors, violet looks good on anyone.
  • If you use cream colored eye shadow, less is better
  • If you want to avoid a metal looking style, choose a curling formulas mascara
  • Two coats of mascara really makes a difference in your lashes.  When applying two, one must let the first coat dry before applying the second
  • A little eyeliner goes a long way, so be careful on how much you apply.  If you want a dramatic look, thicker and darker is best.  For a subtle look, lighter application is best.

Image taken by Sky, August 2006

Image taken by Sky, August 2006
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  Article written by Kailani, and Edited by The Trade Federation Information Team  
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